Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Summer Opportunity for High School Students

During the high school years, teens often find that planning out their summers with productive and meaningful experiences provide them with an opportunity to grow, build self confidence and develop important life skills. This is the time of year to start thinking about what interests you — and researching to find out more about what is out there.

Interesting summer projects can allow a teen to:

• Explore or further pursue a passion or interest

• Live away from home to increase independence

• Delve deeply into an academic or language subject not possible during the year

• Challenge him/herself in a new area of opportunity

• Take on a leadership role

• Improve in a particular subject

• Explore possible college majors and careers

• Experience a potential college they are considering attending

It seems fitting, on the heels of the horrific earthquake tragedy in Haiti that has touched all of us, to start a College Corner Teen Summer Program Series of posts with a focus on community service.
I interviewed a few students from the local area on service programs they completed over the past summers. They attend Millburn High School or Columbia High School in Maplewood; one student graduated Millburn High School and now attends Oberlin College in Ohio.

Monday, February 8, 2010

Seniors, It's Time to Apply for Federal Financial Aid

Seniors, besides merit scholarship options, there is also another way for you to finance your college dreams. Apply for federal financial aid. If your parents make less than $150K in combined income, I would advise you to at least submit your application for federal aid.

If you plan to attend a private four year school, the retail cost of your first year of college could be as high as 60K. This estimated cost includes the total cost of attendance, including tuition, fees, room and board, books, travel and incidental expenses. The average cost of a private four year school for the 2008-2009 year was approximately $36,000.00 (collegeboard.com). At a public four year university, the average cost for a first year student was approximately $16,000.00, with only $6,600.00 for tuition and fees. The room and board cost for students is estimated at $8K a year. However, this cost will greatly vary based on dorm options and food plans. (It is recommended that most first year students live on campus in university housing, unless there is limited housing on campus and there are safe housing alternatives nearby campus.)

This is a reminder for the parents of college-bound seniors to submit their online FAFSA in the next few days. Parents need to keep in mind financial aid is given on a first-come, first-served basis from “pools” of money; waiting to submit the FAFSA may be harmful to your son or daughter’s potential for receiving significant need-based financial aid awards.

To complete the online FAFSA:

Average SAT Scores for Students Entering State Universities are on the Rise

Average SAT scores for students entering state universities are rising, and nowhere as much as at the University of South Florida. In 10 years, USF scores have soared by 84 points, from 1067 to 1151.

Other state universities have seen similar gains. University of Central Florida's average score rose by 81 points, to 1225. At the University of North Florida, in Jacksonville, the average went up by 74 points, to 1199.

But for anxious students and their parents, rushing to retake the test or get into a test-preparation course isn't the answer. State university admission directors say that getting into the school you want requires one thing above all: making the grade in tough high school courses.

SAT and ACT scores matter, but not as much as they once did.

SAT scores and grades for new students are rising at state universities for one reason, said USF admissions director Bob Spatig: competition.

The universities have had more applicants every year, but not more openings.


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